Anti-Wrinkle Cream - 50 ml

In vivo efficacy test* : after 28 days of use, reduction in the number of wrinkles for 100% of subjects

Give your skin a rejuvenating treatment with our face cream specially designed for marked and wrinkled skin. Thanks to its liquid crystal emulsion, this cream is easily absorbed by the skin, allowing the precious active ingredients it contains to penetrate deeply. When used regularly, it refines the skin tissue, effectively reduces fine lines, smoothes the features and evens out the complexion. In addition, it accelerates cell renewal, fights against tissue slackening and restores your skin’s firmness and elasticity for a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Range: Rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle
Target : 60 years old and over
Skin type : Mature skin

Directions for use: apply to clean skin in the morning to face, neck and décolleté, massaging until fully absorbed.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream – 50 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis –
Anti-Wrinkle Cream – 50 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis – 2
Anti-Wrinkle Cream – 50 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis- 1
Anti-Wrinkle Cream – 50 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis – 3

Thermalis® ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM In Vivo Efficacy Test*

ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM shows exceptional results after 28 days of use, as proven by the in vivo efficacy tests carried out on subjects (men and women). Thermalis® ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM showed a significant reduction in the number of wrinkles (in 100% of subjects on the panel), wrinkle surface (in 90% of subjects), length (in 80% of subjects), volume (in 75% of subjects) and depth (in 60% of subjects). What’s more, this innovative cream reduced the number of wrinkles by up to 37% (15% on average). These results testify to the remarkable effectiveness of Thermalis® ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM in combating the visible signs of skin ageing.

The anti-wrinkle cream contains :

– Hyperthermal Liposomes: these are phospholipid vesicles capable of facilitating the penetration of water from the Euganean Thermal Basin into the cell, whose natural trace elements and perfectly balanced and biocompatible biogenic substances have remarkable soothing and remineralizing properties, which reactivate the skin’s natural defenses and protect it from the skin microbiota.
– Hypericum flower extract using Oligotherm Technology: obtained from hypericum flowers by extraction in hyperthermal water, it is rich in flavonic compounds (highly antioxidant and protective substances with re-epithelializing properties), vitamin C (antioxidant substance that protects against aging and stimulates collagen production) and pectins (natural substances capable of retaining water) and therefore co-responsible for the moisturizing effect.
– AKOSKY® APIUM celery meristematic cells: this is a new active ingredient based on a water-soluble extract of celery plant cells, which stimulates the production of collagens, fibronectin and SPARC proteins, thus positively influencing tissue regeneration and the correct assembly of new collagen fibers. It also improves the mobility of fibroblasts. The actions attributable to this active ingredient are: DNA protection (helps maintain nuclear DNA integrity); collagen induction (increases type I and type III collagen gene transcription and protein synthesis, improving structural support and skin elasticity); collagen protection (inhibits collagen matrix degradation). In vivo tests have also demonstrated a significant action on wrinkle leveling.
– Extract of Nannochloropsis Oculata Algae: this extract ensures an immediate effect (stimulates the formation of a film on the skin) and a long-term protective action (it forms a real “shield” against oxidative stress and induces the production of new collagen).
– Extract of Damask rose: rich in omega 3 and vitamin A, it fights the formation of wrinkles. It has a repairing and hydrating action and accelerates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid.
– Shea butter: elasticizing, hydrating, firming properties.
– Argan oil: stimulates the vital functions of the cells. Fights against skin aging and restores the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

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