Biothermal clay mask - 50 ml

Unique blend of clays and hyperthermal water. Entirely organic, this mask has purifying and remineralising effects. It frees the pores of daily impurities and absorbs excess oil to promote the skin’s natural balance, leaving it soft and smooth. The minerals it contains, such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron and aluminum, have antioxidant properties that stimulate cell renewal and allow the skin to regain its natural glow.

Range: purifying
Skin type: oily skin, combination skin, dull skin

How to use: apply the product evenly to the affected areas, massaging lightly. Rinse with lukewarm water after 5/6 minutes, taking care to remove any clay residue.

Biothermal clay mask – 50 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis
Biothermal clay mask – 50 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis – 3
Biothermal clay mask – 50 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis – 2
Biothermal clay mask – 50 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis – 4

The Biothermal clay mask contains:

– Zinc, Manganese, Selenium, Copper and Silicon: these are minerals that regulate and stimulate the processes of synthesis and stabilization of elastin, collagen and keratin, provide an antioxidant effect and protect against free radicals.
– Hyperthermal liposomes: these are phospholipid vesicles capable of facilitating the penetration into the cell of water from the Euganean Thermal Basin, whose natural trace elements and perfectly balanced and biocompatible biogenic substances have remarkable soothing and remineralizing properties that reactivate the natural defenses of the skin and protect the skin microbiota.
– St. John’s wort flower extract using Oligotherm technology: obtained from St. John’s wort flowers by extraction in hyperthermal water, rich in flavonic compounds (highly antioxidant and protective substances with re-epithelializing properties), vitamin C (antioxidant substance that protects against damage aging and stimulates the production of collagen) and finally in pectins (natural substances capable of retaining water and therefore co-responsible for the moisturizing effect).

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