Firming body cream - 150 ml

Body cream ideal for skin affected by loss of tone and sagging. Its complex of natural active ingredients, including cyclodextrins, marine collagen and soy stem cells, stimulates epidermal function, promoting firming of skin tissue. The skin immediately appears firmer, more toned and more elastic, for a slimmer and more slender silhouette.

Range: remodeling, firming

How to use: wash your hands thoroughly. Apply to the parts to be treated by tapping then massaging until completely absorbed.

Firming body cream – 150 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis
Firming body cream – 150 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis – 2
Firming body cream – 150 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis – 1
Firming body cream – 150 ml – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis – 3

The firming body cream contains:

– Hyperthermal liposomes: these are phospholipid vesicles capable of facilitating the penetration inside the cell of water from the Euganean Thermal Basin, whose natural trace elements and perfectly balanced and biocompatible biogenic substances have remarkable soothing and remineralizing which reactivate the natural defenses of the skin and protect the cutaneous microbiota;
– St. John’s wort flower extract by Oligotherm Technology: obtained from St. John’s wort flowers by extraction in hyperthermal water, rich in flavonic compounds (highly antioxidant and protective substances with re-epithelializing properties), vitamin C (antioxidant substance that protects against the skin damage) of aging and stimulates the production of collagen) and finally in pectins (natural substances capable of retaining water and therefore co-responsible for the moisturizing effect);
– Cyclodextrins: sugar rings with moisturizing and lifting activity;
– Shea butter and argan oil: the first intervenes in the physiological process of production of fibroblasts and the second restructures the base of the skin;
– Marine collagen: highly biocompatible, it has the ability to stimulate the production of dermal collagen by pushing back the extracellular matrix of the connective tissue in depth;
– Sweet almond oil: elastic, nourishing;
– Sesame oil: nourishing, emollient;
– Cocoa butter: nourishing, emollient;
– Soybean meristem cells: the molecules responsible for the beneficial effects belong to the category of isoflavones, molecules also called phytoestrogens. These are compounds such as genistein, daidzein and glycitein that stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts and the formation of type I collagen;
– Soy phospholipids: they constitute an excellent vector for conveying and penetrating into the deep layers of the dermis other precious active ingredients which would otherwise be biologically incompatible and poorly assimilated.

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