Hyperthermal liposome cleansing gel - 150ml

Discover the secret of radiant skin with our liposome cleansing gel!

Its soft, creamy foam envelops your skin for gentle cleansing while respecting its natural balance. Thanks to Thermalis® liposomes, our formula enriched with hyperthermal water offers a complete skin care experience for soothed, hydrated and remineralized skin, without altering its natural pH. Give your skin the softness it deserves with our exceptional cleansing gel!

Range : face cleanser

How to use : clean your hands carefully, then apply Thermalis® liposome gel morning and evening to your face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Hyperthermal liposome cleansing gel – Thermalis
Hyperthermal liposome cleansing gel – Thermalis skin care
The cleansing gel with hyperthermal liposomes contains :
– Hyperthermal liposomes: these are phospholipid vesicles capable of facilitating the penetration of water from the Euganéen Thermal Basin into the cell, whose natural trace elements and biogenic substances, perfectly balanced and biocompatible, have remarkable soothing and remineralizing properties that reactivate the skin’s natural defenses and protect the skin microbiota;
– Extract of St. John’s wort flowers by Oligotherm® Technology: obtained from St. John’s wort flowers by extraction in hyperthermal water, this extract is rich in flavonic compounds (highly antioxidant substances, which promotes re-epithelialization), rich in vitamin C (antioxidant substance that protects against damage from aging and stimulates collagen production) and, finally, pectins (natural substances capable of retaining water and therefore co-responsible for the effect of moisturizer).
– Vegetable tensio-actives: have cleansing properties and act gently on the skin.
– Extract of Meadowsweet (spiraea ulmaria): has a seboregulating and astringent effect. It regulates the production of sebum by slowing down the activity of the enzyme which stimulates the sebaceous glands.
– Burdock root extract: has purifying and astringent properties. It acts as a sebum regulator and has an optimal bio-compatibility with the skin.
– Peptide extract of pea: a protective effect on stem cells and collagen, also able to lighten skin spots and prevent their appearance.
– Oligotherm®: an exclusive technology that extracts the active ingredients of rigorously selected medicinal plants from hyperthermal water. This innovative process guarantees an optimal concentration of these active ingredients for remarkable results.

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