Hyperthermal water spray - 200ml

Proven soothing effect, from 30 seconds*

Thermalis® Hyperthermal Water Spray can be used daily on the face and body, for the whole family, after cleansing the face, after shaving, to refresh and soothe your skin after a sunburn. Applied before the care, it prepares the skin and facilitates their application.

After use, redness, itching and tightness of the skin are immediately soothed. Also ideal to refresh and relieve without drying the skin.

Usage tips :
To enjoy the benefits of Thermalis® Hyperthermal Water, simply spray the product as often as you feel the need, without moderation to soothe your skin throughout the day.
After spraying your face or body, leave it on without drying or dabbing it to enhance the penetration of the Hyperthermal Water properties. Your skin will be immediately soothed and will find all its comfort.

In vivo efficacy test*

Composition INCI: Aqua*.
*Hyperthermal salso-bromo-iodic water

Eau Hyperthermale
Thermalis- Hyperthermal Water Face Spray- 200ml
Thermalis- Hyperthermal Water Face Spray

In Vivo Efficacy Test Thermalis® HYPERTHERMAL WATER *

HYPERTHERMAL WATER SPRAY shows impressive results after 28 days of use, as proven by in vivo efficacy tests carried out on subjects (men and women). The product demonstrated an immediate soothing effect (30 seconds after application) on 100% of subjects. What’s more, the skin repair process in treated areas was found to be up to 47% faster on average than in untreated areas. These remarkable results open up unprecedented prospects for thermal waters worldwide. Thermalis®, with its salso-bromo-iodic Hyperthermal Water, is positioning itself as a true pioneer, offering an instant soothing experience.

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