Physiorex, warming & muscle relaxant cream - 100ml

Do you suffer from muscle or joint tension, trauma or musculoskeletal pain?
Physiorex®, a medical device, is a unique and innovative thermal cream, which acts quickly and deeply for lasting relief.

Physiorex® contains the following active ingredients:

The VBE / Vanillyl Butil Ether creates a strong feeling of warmth on the skin. An ingredient scientifically recognized for its muscle relaxant and analgesic activity when combined with massage.

Hyperthermal water, 100% natural, from one of the deepest geothermal wells in the Euganean Thermal Basin (Thermalis® source), with properties that promote the physiological restoration of cartilage, and the trace elements and minerals it contains strengthen the effectiveness of the cream, helping to reinforce its mechanical action.

Use Physiorex®:
For tension, spasms, painful contractions, trauma, pain in the musculoskeletal system, muscle pain in the neck and shoulders, sports injuries, as well as for muscle warm-up and recovery before and after the sport.

How to use: recommended for adults and children from 6 years old. Apply the cream 2 to 3 times a day to the painful area, then massage until completely absorbed. You will immediately feel a pleasant sensation of warmth depending on the area treated.

Physiorex – warming muscle relaxant cream – 100ml – Thermalis- 1
Physiorex – warming muscle relaxant cream – 100ml – Thermalis- 3
Physiorex – warming muscle relaxant cream – 100ml – Thermalis- 2
Physiorex – warming muscle relaxant cream – 100ml – Thermalis- 4

Water from the B.T.E. Euganean Thermal Basin (extracted from therapeutic springs), exclusive mix of active ingredients with
analgesic, muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory action.

Active ingredients
The formula of Physiorex®, light cream and sliding free of parabens and petrolatum, ideal for massage includes:
1. Hyperthermal Euganean Salso-Bromo-Iodic water known for its important qualities in facilitating the physiological processes of restoration of trophic cartilage and reducing inflammation. Its effect restores the physiological state of the organism and stimulates cell turnover;
2. An innovative molecule (Vanillyl Buthyl Ether) that, in addition to intervening on vanilloid sensitivity and on the transmission of substance P, promotes a significant heating of contracted muscles
with a muscle relaxant – analgesic effect and an increase in blood circulation and the feeling of heat;
3. Extract of a supercritical fluid from Physalis Angulata, corticoid-like, which has effects similar to hydrocortisone, without the typical side effects of corticoids. In nature, Physalis sp. is rich in vitamin A
and niacin, also called vitamin B3 or PP essential in all body tissues.

Mechanism of action
The increase in circulation (especially in the microcirculation) leads to increased ability to eliminate toxins, supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, a more rapid elimination of lactic acid and its derivatives,
with the recovery of muscle function facilitating the resolution of inflammation or chronic inflammatory states.

The massage with Physiorex® promotes metabolic exchange and develops a natural feeling of health, the heat makes collagen elastic, accelerating the physiological regeneration, producing muscle relaxation and inhibiting pain sensation.

The cortico-like agent, with proven anti-inflammatory action, inhibits and modulates the processes that generate the inflammatory cascade, that is the complex of phenomena in response to damage, connected to the production (synthesis) of pro-inflammatory cytokines and peripheral vasodilation. In particular, its action is effective on the myalgic muscle (voluntary skeletal musculature), that muscle that is painful and contracted due, for the most part, to trauma or stress.

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