ThermaGyn, vaginal shower - 100ml

ThermaGyn is a medical device based on naturally soothing salsobromoiodic hyperthermal water from the B.T.E. Euganean Thermal Basin. It acts as a protective and soothing adjuvant for irritative states of the vaginal mucosa.

ThermaGyn helps eliminate organic residues, previously used medications, as well as unwanted secretions caused by the menstrual cycle or sexual intercourse. It also promotes the physiological balance of the vaginal ecosystem and reduces the burning, itching and dryness of the mucous membranes associated with menopause.

It promotes the rebalancing of the natural bacterial flora, which helps restore the physiological vaginal pH. ThermaGyn also works to prevent bacterial and fungal infections, vaginal dryness, vaginitis and candidiasis.

Thermagyn® is indicated for a delicate feminine intimate hygiene without altering the balance of the vaginal flora, favours the removal of organic residues or drugs previously used. It is indicated as an adjuvant in the treatment of:

-burning and itching associated with dryness of the vaginal cavity, also due to menopause;
-gynaecological infections/infiammations (of various aetiology) affecting the female genitalia;
-it can also be used for intimate hygiene at the end of the menstrual period.

ThermaGyn is free of fragrances, dyes, parabens and surfactants.

Packaging: 2 disposable bottles of 100 ml with 2 cannulas for practical use.

ThermaGyn – vaginal shower-100ml-Hyperthermal-water-Thermalis
ThermaGyn – vaginal shower-100ml-Thermalis- Hyperthermal-water

The product contains soothing ingredients with antimicrobial action. It also promotes the rebalancing of the natural bacterial flora and assists the physiological restoration of vaginal pH.

Active ingredients
-Chamomile flower water: soothing effect;
-Hyperthermal salsobromoiodic water: the salsobromoiodic thermal waters play an important role in gynaecological affections. Being highly saline, they have a positive effect on the urogenital system, as in contact with the mucous membranes, they produce serous currents towards the outside that carry away germs, inflammatory products, and recall excess liquids from the living tissues with which they come into contact (osmotic effect). They also have a useful soothing effect;
-Glycogen: The dynamic ecosystem continuously maintains vaginal
health during the natural stages of a woman’s life (menstrual, pregnancy and menopause). This ecosystem consists of healthy microorganisms that colonize the vaginal surfaces with positive bacteria, the most common and “friendly” of which are Lactobacilli. In women of reproductive age, the presence of lactobacilli helps the production of lactic acid by metabolizing glycogen, which
rebalances the environmental pH of the natural protective layer between 3.8 and 4.5. Protective layers provide natural resistance to potential health risks associated with bacterial vaginosis, vaginitis, and common anaerobic pathogens. Lactobacilli metabolize glycogen into lactic acid, which results in an acidic environment. Acidic nature promotes the growth of multiple strains of Lactobacillus and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. The natural process is ultimately promoted by the female hormone estrogen, which initiates the release of glycogen from the walls of the vagina so that it can be metabolized.
However, over the course of life estrogen levels change and reduce the supply of available glycogen;
-Lactic Acid: helps to acidify the pH of the solution;
-Terpinen 4 OL main component of Tea
Tree Oil with antimicrobial action.

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