Trivalent Face Mask - 50 ml

The Trivalent Mask uses a combination of polysaccharides activated with moisturizing ingredients to address three essential skin needs. In addition, it contains ceramide 3 to strengthen the skin’s layers, as well as a soothing complex and a blend of peptides that stimulate the dermis, providing moisturizing and soothing properties to the skin, while exerting a significant anti-aging action.

Range: Moisturizing, Anti-aging
Target : 25-40 years old, 40-60 years old, 60 years old and more
Skin type : Sensitive skin

Directions for use : Apply, on a cleansed skin, on the face, the neck and the décolleté in a layer sufficient to form a packet. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse. Also ideal as a night mask.

Trivalent Mask – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis- 50 ml
Trivalent Mask – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis-2
Trivalent Mask – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis-1
Trivalent Mask – Hyperthermal water – Thermalis

The Trivalent Face Mask contains :

Hyperthermal water: remineralizing, hydrating
Soothing complex with tomato extract, cranberry extract and lycopene: neutralizes free radicals and reduces inflammatory conditions typical of sensitive skin;
Shea butter: thanks to its unsaponifiable content, it intervenes in the physiological process of production of fibroblasts, cells responsible for the formation of collagen and elastin fibers, very important to maintain the flexibility and youth of the skin;
Peptide complex (decapeptide-22, oligopeptide-78, palmitoyl decapeptide-21, palmitoyl nonapeptide-14 of zinc): regenerating, redensifying, dermal stimulant;
Polysaccharide network activated by moisturizing ingredients (urea, serine, trehalose, hyaluronic acid): long-lasting hydrating effect;
Ceramide 3: nourishing, repairing;
Menthol: refreshing;
Phospholipids of soya: transport the active ingredients and have a hydrating effect.
Pullulan: extracellular polysaccharide with protective functions. Pullulan protects the cell like a shield, against drying and wear, but also acts as a portal for nutrients: it not only allows nutrients to enter the cell, but also regulates their influx and facilitates their penetration.

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